Incubation Best Practices (1/2): Insights From Top-performing University-linked Business Incubators and Accelerators

Feb 22, 2018



50 min

INDIVIDUAL PRESENTATIONS: What makes a successful University-linked Business Incubation Program? Is there a universally valid formula, or do different innovation ecosystems require different strategies? Representatives from selected incubators and accelerators that performed particularly well in the World Benchmark Study 2017 – 2018 present their programs’ strategies to achieve sustainable performance and lasting impact.

  • Howard Tullman


    1871, US

  • Marat Ressin

    President and Professor

    York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (YEDI), Canada

  • Simon Bond

    Innovation Director

    SETsquared, UK

  • Eamonn Sayers

    Centre Manager

    The Guinness Enterprise Centre, Ireland

  • Krysten Connely

    Director, Marketing, Communications and Government Relations

    DMZ at Ryerson University, Canada

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