Isabelle Prévot

Director, Montpellier BIC, France

Isabelle Prévot, director of the Montpellier Business and Innovation Center (BIC), has been involved in the incubation industry for seven years. She has extensive experience nurturing startups with innovative ideas and helping them become successful companies. She manages a team of 19 people.

The Montpellier BIC is a public general purpose incubator, currently supporting more than 160 entrepreneurs, half of which rent space in one of its three incubation sites. It features a particularly high 3-year survival rate (90%).

Before coming to the Montpellier BIC, Ms. Prevot had already developed a thorough knowledge in several high-tech fields, notably in the electronics and software industries. She served as marketing manager in several international companies and has significant experience in supporting overseas sales.

Ms. Prévot holds a master’s degree from Audencia Business School (Nantes, France) with a major in B-to- B marketing.