Linnéa Lindau

CEO, Chalmers Ventures, Sweden

Linnéa has a solid career and reputation within the area of entrepreneurship. Her experience includes the successful development of numerous startups at Chalmers Innovation as well as managing director of companies such as Layerlab and Acosense.

Linnéa has a sought after competence and an extensive experience gained from her many boards and chairman positions. In 2012 Linnéa was awarded what is sometimes referred to as the “Nobel Prize of Innovation”, the Swedish SKAPA Award, for her successes whilst running Acosense.

Linnéa is since 2015 the managing director at Chalmers Ventures, one the world’s top ten university-affiliated incubators. At Chalmers Ventures Linnéa and her team work toward creating a unique interface between innovation, entrepreneurs and investment capital.

Chalmers Ventures offers a groundbreaking setup where the incubator, business network, and investment management are all gathered in one efficient and co-creative organization. Chalmers University of Technology has committed to a 10-year investment plan where 500 MSEK has been set aside to fund both investment and operations at Chalmers Ventures.