Mikus Losāns

Founder & Manager, University of Latvia Student Business Incubator, Latvia

Mikus created his first profitable advertising business at the age of 17. After starting his studies at the University of Latvia, he saw that there is was support for young entrepreneurs, so he came with an initiative to create a Business Incubator. The University of Latvia Student Business Incubator has been helping students already for 5 years, and is now one of the leading university incubators in Latvia.

Outside of running the incubator, Mikus has created online and offline pre-acceleracion program for wantepreneurs, who want to start their business on Etsy.com. Mikus is a team member and fasilitator of Demola Latvia – a platform for companies to receive solutions from student teams on their challenges. One of the biggest accomplishments in incubation field for Mikus is the implementation of donation based business model, attracting more than 300 000$ in donations from over 100 donors, as well as the implementation of a successful academic course attracting over 500 students in 3 years, with the goal to increase the entrepreneurial mindset in students.