Monica Hedberg

Program Director, UIC - Uppsala Innovation Centre, Sweden

Monica Hedberg is Program Director at the Swedish business incubator UIC (Uppsala Innovation Centre). She is also an entrepreneur and board member professional. UIC was ranked the World’s 10 th best, and Europe’s 5 th best, university-linked incubator by UBI Global in 2015.

Monica has a background as an investor in various stages and has a contact network amongst companies and investors in both Sweden and internationally. Monica has, and has had, various types of Board of Director and Commission of Trust assignments, for instance within Medtech and ICT. She is a member of the entrepreneur network Founders Alliance’s international group that creates business exchanges, enable competence growth and investment possibilities in and outside Sweden.

In 2007 Monica won the Female Entrepreneur of The Year Award in Uppsala county. She also runs the education business Asynjor Invest for women who want to become investors. The aim is to increase the proportion of women as business owners and faster reach gender equality in corporate boards.