Sue Britton

CEO, Growth Syndicate (FGS), Canada

Sue Britton is CEO and Co-Founder of a 2-year- old company called FinTech Growth Syndicate (FGS) that she started after a 25 year corporate career. FGS is as a business accelerator that provides Fuel to start-ups to accelerate their sales, partnering and marketing strategies; and helps to Amplify innovation programs for Financial Institutions making innovation work inside and outside the organization. Sue has spent her career in Financial Technology and Financial Services.

Prior to starting FGS, Sue was Head of Global Innovation for Finastra, leading innovation for the organization across their 8000 banking clients. Sue is a thought leader and community builder, speaks at numerous events, and holds many volunteer advisory roles in the FinTech community to help drive Global awareness and collaboration in Canada around innovation in FinTech.