Warrick Cramer

CEO, Tomorrow Street, Vodafone, Luxembourg

After receiving a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Marketing and Management in his home country of Australia, Warrick built numerous businesses from the ground-up in the automotive, mobile payment, and advertising industries. His biggest entrepreneurial success was an app that captured securing mobile payments which went on to be implemented worldwide.

Warrick Cramer’s experience and passion for innovation and business development ultimately brought him to Vodafone, where he devotes his talent and entrepreneurial mind-set to revamping innovation at the heart of Vodafone’s Supply Chain. As an entrepreneur, he faced many hurdles before finding success. These experiences led him to form Tomorrow Street, an innovation centre in partnership between Vodafone and Technoport.

Tomorrow Street focuses on giving later-stage tech companies access to international business by utilizing the power of Vodafone, its partners, and its customers. The Innovation Centre is the first of its kind aiming to cultivate cutting- edge innovations and ensure that both Vodafone and the Luxembourg community are at the forefront of the digital revolution.

For Warrick Cramer, success is all about doing something different that will enrich people’s lives. What drives him is giving back to the community and making a
difference in the world.